Want to learn the skills of the everyday hero?

What we do


We teach holistic life skills and practices that help you and your tribe experience your greatest potential and thrive. Training in these "primal arts" leads to an epic Journey into the science, art and philosophy of the everyday Hero.

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What is Tribal Edge?


TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Our classes offer quality live training in the skills humans have always relied upon for a healthy and happy life including movement, martial arts, health, wellness, survival, tracking, nature connection, self discovery, community, leadership and more.

  • From short workshops and day classes to week long immersions or year long programs, we have developed a curriculum for all ages, interests and skill levels.

  • Whether you live locally and want to train everyday, or want visit Tribal Edge for a special event from around the world, we have classes and events year round for everyone.

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JOIN THE TRIBE! One of the most powerful gifts that Tribal Edge has to offer is the opportunity to share life changing experiences while training with other people as we journey through the mystery of life together.

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About Us

More about Ben Sanford and our team here.