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Offering martial art classes in Sikal

(a fusion of Silat and Kali)


  • Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-7:30 pm / Saturday 12:30-4:00 pm

  • Cost: 120 per month/ Drop in: 20

  • Location: Tribal Edge Hero Lab (Gym) Sequim, Washington

  • Instructor: Guru Ben Sanford

  • Private training available

What is Sikal?

Sikal is a unique fusion of numerous ancient and exotic arts of Southeast Asia developed by Guru Ken Pannell. Indonesian Pencak Silat (Si-) and Filipino Kali (-kal) blend together to form the seamless and comprehensive art and give the system it’s name “Sikal". From indigenous origins, the arts represented by Sikal are living combat arts which are still used today in modern warrior and protector contexts.

A practical and effective art for protecting life, Sikal provides a diverse spectrum of training and skill development with all ranges and every tool imaginable. Hero Lab offers a safe, friendly and practical approach to training awareness, movement, martial arts, tactics, ethics and more.