We train everyday heroes. No capes, just ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

What we do?

The Hero Lab offers training in awareness, attitude, movement, martial art, tactics, ethics and other life supporting skills. We have weekly practice and monthly seminars for locals, as well as day long, weekend and week-long courses and even online support for any one on the heroic path.

What is a Hero?

From the Greek word heros meaning "protector", heroes are people who put themselves at risk to act on behalf of others in need with no expectation of reward. Heroes are ordinary people who, when presented an opportunity, act on the natural impulse to preserve life- all life. The first to respond, heroes activate the heroic potential in others by demonstrating how to take effective action in challenging situations. An everyday hero is someone who does what they can do to make everyone around them a little bit safer and happier wherever they go.

How do we do it?

By training in life supporting skills, and sharing transformational experiences with others, we activate a value for life, respect for others, and a natural desire to grow and contribute. By practicing physical skills within an ethical framework we can help you more effectively walk the heroic path.