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I am excited to say that we are now offering memberships for our classes and programs! If you are interested in participating in Tribal Edge training and don't know where to start, check this out. 

You can get your free membership (which many of you have but don't even know it) by following this link. From there, you can look at options available if you want to upgrade. You can create a custom membership or join a program for specific training.

We are also offering packages for the Core Classes and Primal Labs.

If you want help creating the perfect program for you, contact us for a free consultation.

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Tribal Edge T-Shirts are here!

I am designing a bunch of new shirts for you to buy online with no markup price! Yep, cutting out the middle man- me! Why? Well, I want to save on cost too and not end up with a bunch of shirts that people may not really like, and I get to create some cool designs and have people wear them around and maybe share a story about Tribal Edge. That's the best advertising!

So I thought I would offer different designs to you straight from the seller (RushorderTees) and let you pick. I will try to make few designs before Christmas and get the links like this out there for you. FYI, the more you buy, the cheaper they are if you want to get a few friends together. If you cant get the size, style, or color you want from this link, just let me know and I will try to help you. If you get a shirt, please let us know by posting a picture! It would be fun to see what gets out there.

Coming soon to Tribal Edge...

The new Journey

The Practice

The New Tribune

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  • Tribune Education
  • Tribune Service
  • Tribunal Vanguard

The Protector Course

The Primal Discovery series

Week long immersion courses exploring the human-nature primal template of human-nature

  1. The Shadows on the Wall- Klaloch beach 5/18
  2. The Fire and the Façade- Tribal Edge- 7/18
  3. The light at the end of the tunnel- Solduc hotsprings 9/18
  4. A brave new world- Hawaii 11/18

The Arborvitae Training Guild

The Vitacopia healing clinic

Primal Solutions packages

Tribal Edge Online

  • Free 21 day offer

  • Healthy Foundations

  • Anima Sporta Wellness