The Tribal Edge Gathering

Still the first weekend of every month, but a whole lot more..


We have remodeled our Sunday Gatherings by offering free training with Primal Primers and turning them into an opportunity and to have a longer retreat at the land, put your everyday rush of life on pause, and have some meaningful experiences, and free training with other folks. Once a season, the gatherings will span from Saturday evening to Sunday evening, giving you time for any or all the activities we are offering. That’s right, camping out at the land and sharing quality time, or just stopping by for whatever peaks your interest (all activities are optional). 

Come on out and join us at the Edge!

What we offering at our “Monthly Gatherings”...



  • 9:00 am-5:00 pm Core Curriculum classes (registration required)

  • *Seasonal campout

    5:00-7:00- Set up camp, dinner, and Earth Vigil Fire preparation

  • 7:00- Lighting the fire, council/ talking circle, followed by Earth Vigil Fire prayer

  • ?:00- Afterwards- hangout, stories, music, fire tending etc.

  • Bedtime under the stars


  • 7:00- Optional Morning ritual (Gratitude, Sit spot, and movement)

  • 8:00- Breakfast and down time, optional dream-work study with Victoria!

  • 10:00- Free 2-hour training session- facilitated by Ben Sanford & staff, or guest instructors

  • 12:00- Lunch

  • 1:00- Primal Primers: Free workshops in the primal arts

  • 2:30- Volunteer meeting &Gathering prep

  • 3:00- Community gathering (as usual)- hangout time, training, games, projects, play, connect

  • 5:30- Gratitude, announcements, and potluck dinner

  • 6:00- Dinner & Evening message (theme of the month)

  • 7:30- Earth vigil fire prayer

  • ?:00- Afterwards- hangout, stories, music, fire time.


Thank you for over 15 years of Gatherings at Tribal Edge.