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Founded by Ben Sanford in 2002, Tribal Edge is a primal arts training center and community which offers of a variety of classes, workshops and events such as community Sunday Gatherings. Tribal Edge provides training in natural living skills, awareness, team & leadership skills for all ages through a variety of classes, programs and events. Primal arts are the essential skills which are core to our existence as human beings. By training in the skills of fitness, awareness, tracking, survival, healing, the warrior arts, and other life supporting skills, we can remember our original instructions to be naturally balanced individuals and communities who live with the earth. These “edge” experiences balance body, mind and spirit as you connect with yourself, creation, and the Creator in a natural way.


Tribal Edge courses are designed to draw participants through experiential, whole body learning to arrive at their own powerful self discoveries with real impact from real experiences. They are coached and guided through our programs with age old teaching methods such as inspirational stories, the art of questioning, and role modeling. Participants develop respect for all life as they begin to see the interdependence and connection between all things. As they journey through the lessons of nature and tribe, they face their edges and are left feeling empowered with new skills and insights that they discover for themselves.

The Tribal Edge is also dedicated to the preservation and protection of the vision and teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf. We are blessed to be connected to this way of life through Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, Malcolm Ringwalt and other teachers. It is with great appreciation that we humbly pass on this vision and point the way to the source.

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Tribal Edge offers three primary things:

  1. It offers a place to learn and develop real living skills, and to do so effectively and efficiently.

  2. It also offers a community of likeminded people who are committed to training and growing together.

  3. Finally, it offers a vision which directly increases the quality of life for you and the planet- now & in the future.

It is our aim to provide you with a model of excellence through training in the science, art, and philosophy of the primal arts which leads to greater awareness, personal power, and sense of purpose. If you choose to step onto the training path, you are gaining access to a way of life that is exciting, fulfilling, and transforming in nature. For example, by just taking a basic tracking class, though your skills may fade without practice, you will experience new perspectives that you can use instantly and begin applying to your life. If you begin to train consistently, the results are exponentially more profound and become much more sustainable.  

At the beginning, there seems to be many possible paths to take as we offer wide variety of class types in different skill-sets to make your training experience as complete as possible. No matter where you start, the natural process of training will lead you back to a common center. As you become more committed to your own growth, you may find that your journey brings you full circle, as you increase your skill and understanding and discover the other elements that Tribal Edge offers.

Like anything worth doing in life, this path requires some time and energy to grow and gain a measure of success in its many domains. The results can be very powerful, surprising, and life changing and it is important to approach your training in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Start where you are most interested and let inspiration and curiosity lead you. Be patient with yourself, and allow your progress to unfold naturally. Good luck and see you at the Edge!