A primal journey 

These classes are a holistic approach to the primal living skills that we as human beings have always needed to thrive. This training template provides a journey through many perspectives and layers of what it means to live with the earth and each other in a healthy life supporting way. 

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What is the Tribal Edge Core Curriculum?

The Core Classes are a holistic exploration of the skills, practices, and process of primal living. These introductory classes represent the distillation of over 30 years of study and practice of the primal arts. Using ancient teaching methods and a unique synthesis of knowledge, the Core Curriculum has something for everyone. The classes plant seeds that are designed to be reviewed and nurtured by retaking classes as often as you wish with more to learn each time.

This journey leads from whole, to part, to whole again as one discovers that each element is intimately interconnected and can only be fully understood in reference to the whole. Like the warp and weft of a basket, these classes come together to create a container for primal living that is greater than the sum of its parts. To learn, train and teach the primal* living skills in a holistic* way means to include as many perspectives as possible, while also including as many levels as possible.

*Holistic: comprehensive, integrative, universal
*Primal: core, essential, original, fundamental

How does it work?

Each month, the Core Curriculum offers one of twelve unique, day long classes. These experiential group classes are based on four directions or paths of study, and three levels of depth:

The Skills Series:
These are the “hard skills” of Tracking, Survival, Healing, and Combat. Together these classes study the principles or “Science” of primal living.

The Training Series:
These classes are based upon the practice and process of self-development that naturally occurs in the study of the primal skills. The Path, The Tools, The Way and The Zone describe the “Art” or journey of primal living.

The Tribe Series:
These classes, Know Thyself, Team Dynamics, Creating Community, and Mentoring Leadership focus upon you and your relations. Together these classes study the “Philosophy” or ethics of primal living.

Where to start

The Core Classes can be experienced in different ways depending on your time and interest.

The Core Class series:
This series of 12 classes is a primal living journey through the year with themes and layers of discovery each season. Although you can start anytime, the beginning of the Journey is the Tracking class.

Single classes:
Although each core class is part of a greater whole, they stand alone as individual classes which can be taken by themselves as your time and interest allow.

The Deep series:
Each season has a theme with three classes which dive deeper into the Science, Art and Philosophy of each direction.

The Wide series:
With this option, you can take all four classes in one or more of the layers through out the year.