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Tribune Warrior

The Warrior is the last line of defense for the tribe, and is therefore the first role and skill set developed. In order to protect life, one must include their own life and develop the expertise to minimize harm to self and others by constant, effective martial and physical training. The fusion of physical and moral training opens the door to the ethical way of the protector.


Tribune Scout

The Scout is the first line of defense- the eyes and ears of the tribe. Through observation and awareness, and by invisibly gathering information that will help the tribe, the Scout is able to maintain security and protect life. The skills of awareness and invisibility allow the Scout to prevent danger and minimize conflict while striving to preserve peace.


Tribune Protector

The Protector is the fusion of the Warrior and Scout. One who holds the space and mindset within which conflict ceases to exist. Though the protector is a keeper of peace, they also have the skills of the scout and ultimately the warrior to act ethically with force if they must.


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