Tribune Warrior- "The Sword"

The Warrior is the last line of defense for the tribe, and is therefore the first role and skill set developed. In order to protect life, one must include their own life and develop the expertise to minimize harm to self and others by constant, effective martial and physical training. The ethical fusion of physical and moral training opens the door to the way of the Scout and the Protector. 



To join Tribune, this is the place to start...

Training Includes

Physical combat skills

Physical conditioning

Attribute training

Awareness training


Appropriate use of force

Protecting self and others

Team tactics

Basic survival skills

Weapons training

Emergency preparedness

Emergency response

Basic medical training

Conflict resolution


Communication skills

Stress inoculation

Resilience training

Personal discipline

Honoring agreements

Cultivating respect

Trust building

Ethical responsibility

Moral issues

Legal issues

Social issues

Defending space and property

Threat detection

Instinctive awareness

Proactive attitude

Survivor mindset


Training methodology