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January 18- March 15

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Please ignore the dates on this video, the next program will be January 18- March 15 2019.


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 If this 8 week course sounds like a fit, and you are committed to letting go of stress, weight, or pain and getting your health and energy back then please check this out.

There are 3 ways to take this course:

  1. Pre-recorded online $49

  2. Pre-recorded online with weekly group coaching calls $125

  3. Live online with weekly group coaching calls $245

  4. Live in person with weekly group coaching calls $450

Normally a live training like this is valued at $800 or more. I am offering this course live at my gym for 445 (or 2 payments of 225), and live online course for one payment of $245, or two payments of $125! That is less than 30% of its value- yes over 60% off! 

Space is limited and it is starting soon so please fill out and submit this form and payment and you will receive a confirmation. Free consultations are available until Friday January 15, 2019 over the phone with your preferred time and date. Don't wait- lets get your life back!

What you will get:

The Healthy Foundations 8 week course focuses on the very simple yet extremely important elements of health and fitness that you need to get your life back. It also provides a template for understanding health and fitness at a very deep level that will serve you personally your whole life. Finally, it provides an opportunity for you to experience dramatic changes in your self and witness the changes in other participants and install simple practices to maintain those changes. You will get...

  • A clear outcome of what healthy and fit mean to you and how to get there

  • How to do less and achieve more of your fitness goals

  • How to naturally let go of excess weight.

  • How to determine precisely what nutrients your body needs

  • How to use your cravings to help you become more healthy

  • The four simple keys to all health and fitness

  • How to listen to your body as your health and fitness guide

  • Movement principles that easily adapt to your current fitness program

  • How to use your body in a safe functional manner regardless of activity

  • A simple paradigm shift of health and fitness that may save your life

  • A supportive group to help you be accountable to your goals

  • And a whole lot more!

How it works

  • This transformational Group coaching course is facilitated by Ben Sanford founder of Tribal Edge and head coach at Primal Solutions Coaching.

  • The training consists of a live group coaching session on Friday evenings from 6-7:30, recorded live via Facebook inside of a private Facebook group. These sessions provide the information, and perspective you need to focus on for the week, and remain available in case you cannot attend live.

  • It also includes an optional 30-45 minute follow-up group call on Mondays at 1:00 pm where you can ask any questions, get some additional pointers and feedback.

  • You will receive tons of information and weekly handouts (downloads) with daily assignments and action steps.

  • You will have private group page for questions, comments, accountability and encouragement.

  • Also, several custom demo videos, and links to other educational resources.

  • You will choose a training buddy (online) from the group and habit tracking apps.

  • You will have email access to your coach for additional/personal communication.

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The Way of the Lazy Leopard

The Way of the Lazy Leopard

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Who is it for?

Healthy Foundations is an experiential eight week course for anyone with a body who knows there is more to life and is willing to do what it takes to make changes.  Although it is packed with information, it is also for those who want a simple "primal" approach to holistic heath and fitness.

You will only get out of it what you put into it and to get results, it will come down to your own commitment to attend the sessions and to do the assignments provided.

 If you are overwhelmed with stress or can't let go of excess weight, or if you don't have enough time to workout, or maybe you are spending hours in the gym with little results or recovering from injuries dealing with chronic pain...this is for you.

If you are seeking a more functional and healthy approach to nutrition and movement or are looking for ways to push your performance to a new level this may also be for you.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you tired all the time, stressed to the max, out of shape or in chronic pain?

  • Have you tried everything only to get minor results for a short period of time?

  • Are you confused by the endless contradictory advice in diet and exercise?

  • Have you given up on yourself and your body and settled for less?

  • Do you feel pretty good overall but want that extra edge?

  • Do you want more energy and ease in your movement and overall joy in life?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions this program is for you. It starts soon and has limited space at only a fraction of the price I charge for my live training! To find out more, fill out and submit the form to book your free consultation.

As the saying goes, "if you don't have your health you don't have anything". This course will transform your health and your life dramatically if you commit to fully participating and going for it. Having experienced both radiant health as well as suffering from injury and disease, I personally know the struggles and what it takes to turn it around, and look forward to coaching you.

As you know, there is never a perfect time to start, and the longer you wait the harder it gets to turn your life around. Whether you do this program or find something else, please do something! Your health and fitness are waiting and you deserve the investment in your self, so act today and get your life back.

In health & joy for life,

Ben Sanford

Ben and his love Victoria

Ben and his love Victoria

Your instructor

Ben Sanford

Founder of Tribal Edge & Primal Solutions

thrive@tribaledge.life    360-683-7641

Ben and his joy

Ben and his joy