Healthy Foundations 8 week program is now online!

The next Healthy Foundations program starts January 8, 2018!

If this 8 week course sounds like a fit, and you are committed to letting go of stress, weight, pain and getting your health and energy back then please sign up now!

Normally a live training like this will cost $800 or more. I am offering this course for one payment of $245, or two payments of $125! That is less than 30% of its value- yes over 60% off!  Space is limited and it is starting soon so please fill out and submit this form and payment and you will receive a confirmation. To find out if this is a fit for you, I am offering free consultations are over the phone until Friday January 5th.

Don't wait- lets get your life back!


What you will get:

The Healthy Foundations 8 week course focuses on the very simple yet extremely important elements of health and fitness that you need to get your life back. It also provides a template for understanding health and fitness at a very deep level that will serve you personally your whole life. Finally, it provides an opportunity for you to experience dramatic changes in your self and witness the changes in other participants and install simple practices to maintain those changes. You will get...

  • A clear outcome of what healthy and fit mean to you and how to get there
  • How to do less and achieve more of your fitness goals
  • How to naturally let go of excess weight.
  • How to determine precisely what nutrients your body needs
  • How to use your cravings to help you become more healthy
  • The four simple keys to all health and fitness
  • How to listen to your body as your health and fitness guide
  • Movement principles that easily adapt to your current fitness program
  • How to use your body in a safe functional manner regardless of activity
  • A simple paradigm shift of health and fitness that may save your life
  • A supportive group to help you be accountable to your goals
  • And a whole lot more!