Create your own Tribal Edge experience!


Our custom courses allow you to request a class for your community,

you pick any topic... anytime... anywhere!


Core Classes

Our Core Curriculum consists of twelve introductory classes in each of the primal arts domains that we study. These classes can stand alone as day classes or be packaged together and expanded into weekend or even week-long formats to create your own unique experience.

Some favorites include: Survival, Tracking, Healing, Combat, The Path, The Zone, Team Dynamics and more...


Specialty Classes

Our specialty classes are more advanced training in specialized skill sets which go beyond the foundation laid by our core curriculum. These classes are numerous and are rarely offered on our schedule and are great to request. Look at our list to get some ideas.

Some favorite topics include: Preparedness, Caretaking, Fire making, Primitive living skills, Martial arts, Plant uses, Emergency medicine, Home security, Coyote mentoring, Camouflage, Functional movement, Tree climbing, Ropes & Knots and more...


Seminars & Fieldtrips

We offer seminars with specialty and master instructors as part of our annual schedule and by request. We also offer fieldtrips for schools and youth programs, at our site or at your own location. You can request your own theme or choose from a variety of subjects we offer.