Human Hero Weekend Seminar

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Become a force of nature (1).jpg

Human Hero Weekend Seminar

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May 29-31, 2020

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Everyone has the capacity of being a Hero, perhaps not a superhero- but a Hero none the less. Heroism is a choice and a perspective backed up by moral effective action.

Human Hero is a week-long intensive designed to activate useful ethical humans by providing training in the physical and moral skill-sets which assist the Hero to fulfill their role and duties in any context of life.

Through a combination of exercises, training, discussion and stories, we explore and activate the innate Heroic nature and make it accessible to you in your everyday life.

By diving into the skills, values and philosophy of the Hero with a group of people like you, we discover that life itself becomes our guide and you leave transformed and inspired knowing that you are able to take effective action in challenging situations.


Audience: This training is available to the public ages 18+.

Location: Tribal Edge primal arts training center in Blyn, Wa. USA. We also offer this course by request at your location.

Cost: Weekend $300 on sale for $275. Bring your own food for $225. $100 Deposit

Dates: May

Prerequisites: None

Some topics covered:

Physical skills

  • Functional movement

  • Protecting self and others

  • Basic health principles

  • Survival needs

  • Preparedness

  • Emergency response

  • Team work

  • Primal conditioning

Other Skills

  • Awareness

  • Life value activation

  • Moral & Ethical insight

  • Stress management

  • Emotional resilience

  • Social dynamics

  • Instinct training

  • Training methodology