Personal Protector




Become a force of nature...

Protect yourself, loved ones, & home.


In an uncertain world one thing is certain... you must be willing and able to protect yourself. In your worst moment, the law enforcement, paramedics, and military will not be there to help you. They can only be there after the fact. That means it is up to you to respond and prevent, avoid, or if necessary, ethically confront threats and survive until help arrives.

Learn how to become a force of nature and increase your survivability in any situation while keeping your loved ones and home safe and secure with Tribune Personal Protector training. This modular system is custom made for you with several phases of training available, from beginner to advanced levels in Warrior, Scout, and Protector skill sets. 

Learn to overcome adversity with mental toughness, expand your awareness, sharpen your instincts, increase physical fitness, and conditioning. Learn to move like a human animal and develop the skills to fight for your life and for those in your care. Learn how to secure your home, avoid danger, and escape threats with stealth, invisibility and teamwork.

By harnessing the instinctive human nature of fight, flight, or freeze, you will train in the principles and tactics of combat, escape, and evasion in a way that even surpasses elite professional forces in the civilian context. Embody the primal principles of protection that will keep you and those you love safe while surviving conflict at any scale life throws at you.


Become a Force of Nature! One day it will come down to you... Will you be ready?

Become a Force of Nature! One day it will come down to you... Will you be ready?



Packages consist of twelve expert level private training sessions, which lead you through our curriculum in a custom built progression based on your specific needs. There is no magic pill or guarantee. However, consistent training in this integrated approach to the skills of protection can help make you and those around you safer in any environment. 

The 4 Modules of your private training include:

  • Fit: Mindset, Recovery, Nutrition, & Movement

  • Fight: Conditioning, Combat, Tactics, & Tools

  • Flight: Movement, Survival, Escape, & Evasion

  • Freeze: Awareness, Assessment, Avoidance, & Invisibility


  • Individual package- 5,000

  • Couples package- 7,500

  • Family & Group Packages- Contact us


Tribal Edge Facilities or your location (Travel expenses not included)


Fitness - Conditioning - Awareness - Security - Combat - Escape - Evasion - survival

The Protector Course



The Protector Course is a weeklong intensive designed to activate useful ethical humans by providing training in the physical and moral skillsets which assist the protector to fulfill their role and duties in any context of life. 

By immersing yourself in the science, art and philosophy of the protector with a group of likeminded people, life itself becomes your guide and you leave transformed and inspired knowing that everyone is safer because you are there.


  • Audience: This program is available to the civilian and military population nationwide and protectors of all types. Especially useful for peace keepers, leaders, teachers or any field of protection, security, and peace making.

  • Location: Tribal Edge primal arts training center in Blyn, Wa. USA. (Link to directions here.) We also offer this course by request at your location.

  • Cost: 1,200 (plus expenses at your location)

  • Dates: TBD

  • Prerequisites: None

Scout Protector



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