Tribal Edge Online Training Terms of Service


1. You will receive a confirmation letter and invitation to your training group when your application and payment have been processed.

2. Only automatic payments are accepted.  After a trial month, you will be required to commit to monthly payments (For long term programs)

3. Upon completing a 12 month cycle you will be invited to train month to month, for as long as you wish, or you may cancel your subscription.

4. If a payment fails to go through, continued payment attempts will be made, and you will be blocked from the group until it is resolved.

5. Each subscription is for one participant only. Do not download, copy, or share your group material with anyone outside of your group. 

6. Please help us maintain a positive learning environment by showing respect for your group members, instructors and the teaching. 

7. Tribal Edge Online is for educational purposes only and is not liable for any interpretations, behavior, and actions taken by participants.


For questions contact: