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Have you been trying to get back in shape, you know, back to that good old you that you remember which seems to get further away every time you try? Are you tired all the time, stressed out, or just low on energy and motivation? Do you also know there is more to life- more energy, passion, joy, adventure, and purpose if you could just shake this hollow version of you?

Or maybe you are a fit, athletic individual who is seeking more meaning in your movement practice and more connection with your body and the real world to take your performance to the next level while preventing or healing chronic injury.

Whatever your level of fitness you are or want to be, it all starts from the same place- HEALTH. Health is the foundation of fitness and trying to build fitness without it is a lost cause. Health is something we can easily take for granted until something is wrong and gets our attention such as an injury or illness.

This video is an introduction to my eight week group coaching program that dives deeply into the foundations of health and guides you through the process of recomposition and transforming your life. If you are inspired to experience a new level of health and fitness after watching this video, this program may be for you.


The next program begins October 2!


Program Outline:

  • Week 1: Introduction- preparation
  • Week 2: Primal Recovery
  • Week 3: Primal Nutrition
  • Week 4: Primal Movement
  • Week 5: Primal State
  • Week 6: Primal Nutrition- fine tuning
  • Week 7: Primal Movement- Fine tuning
  • Week 8: Conclusion- Integration
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