New book released by my friend Nate Summers!

*The book refers to us as “Primal Edge”.



Why we long to be wild and free

Nate’s new book features an interview with me about primal movement and Tribal Edge. Check it out!

Some thoughts on “Primal vs. Primitive.”

When you hear the word "primitive" what do you imagine? Possibly something rudimentary, rough, and crude? A state of functioning that is barely existing, struggling to survive? Often when something is described as primitive, it is overlooked as less than optimal- something in early stages of development which needs to be improved upon. When taken into the areas of life in which we train at Tribal Edge however, this interpretation is far too superficial.

The "primitive skills" of mankind which have been passed on through the ages are perhaps better described by the word “primal" which means essential, original, and core to existence. This concept includes every fundamental tool, skill, and art form that humans have required through out history into the present time. Although from our modern perspective, the ancient tools and skills may seem inferior to our sophisticated technology, they hold a special place in mans relationship to the earth.

When taken to the level of an art, the primitive skills are an example of balance between man and his relationship to his environment. There is an elegant simplicity which is optimal from the perspective of man as a natural being, a caretaker of the earth. Primal humans have an understanding of their place in the scheme of things, and a healthy respect for what is enough. They intuitively know that in their purist form, "primitive" skills cannot be improved upon, only modified and adapted to various cultural and environmental demands.

Ben Sanford, 2013