Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle and provides the training you want. 


Membership Options & pricing

Memberships may be upgraded, downgraded, and can be active or inactive if you want to pause them.

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Programs are the perfect way  for you to design the ultimate training path for your membership. With a program you can focus your training into the classes that reflect your passion and help you meet your training goals.


Arborvitae- primal living

A holistic journey through our Primal Arts curriculum, training methodology and cultural design. Experience a deeper awareness of human/nature connection, and an expansion of the science, art, and philosophy of living your vision while connecting to others and the planet in a healthy way. The Arborvitae "Training" program is also a step on the instructor path.

  • Minimal- Core Curriculum monthly classes; The Training
  • Standard- Core Curriculum Monthly classes; The Training; Dirt Time or Humanimal; Personal Training
  • Ultimate- All courses

Arborvitae Program

Suggested classes for Standard Membership

Tribune- Warrior training


  • Minimal- Core Curriculum monthly classes; Tribune
  • Standard- Core Curriculum Monthly classes; Tribune; Humanimal; Personal Training
  • Ultimate- All courses

Tribune program

Suggested classes for Standard Tribune Membership

Anima Sporta-  Health & fitness

  • Minimal- Core Curriculum monthly classes; Anima Sporta fitness
  • Standard- Core Curriculum Monthly classes; Anima Sporta fitness; Humanimal or Vitacopia; Personal Training; Bonus* -Healthy foundations online
  • Ultimate- All courses

Anima Sporta program

Suggested classes for Anima Sporta Program


Packages are a way to target your training exactly the way you want.


Core classes

  • 3 pack “Deep Pack” 250
  • 4 pack “Wide Pack” 300
  • 12 pack = 600

Primal Labs

  • 4 pack- 100 (expires after one season)
  • 12 pack- 250 (expires after 6 months)


  • Partner pack
  • Family pack


Other Details

  • All memberships require an application and payment set up to begin.
  • All training offers monthly options so you can benefit from ongoing practice.  All classes are based on a $100 monthly value.
  • All Automatic payments will continue to be drawn until annual agreement is reached regardless of participation.  Memberships can be paused and are considered "inactive" for $15 per month.  After an agreed period, membership will resume and payments drawn. If we receive no communication from you, membership will resume after one season (3 months).
  • Memberships can be paid for seasonaly and annually for greater discounts.
  • The Core Curriculum classes are 100 and your first Core class is offered at an introductory sliding scale rate from 25-100.
  • After your first class, the Core classes are available for drop in, packages, and memberships.