The Earth Vigil Fire







 Is a fire, a symbol, and a reminder. 

It is a beacon of light in changing times.

The fire is a commitment to promoting greater

awareness, healing, and protection of our Earth.


About the fire...

The Earth Vigil Fire is reawakened each month during our gatherings for 24 hours where you are welcome to join us in prayer.

Inspired by a vision, the Fire was built on March 20, 2014 and burned for six months with constant prayer for the earth. The fire is now awakened each month for a 24 hour prayer tended by volunteer Fire Keepers.

The fire is kept small to limit fuel consumption and air pollution. A small fire requires constant tending and feeding to keep the flame going. While caring for the fire, the Fire Keeper holds a quest like experience and focuses on the prayer of the day. 

 Fires have been used since ancient times as a focal point or center of gatherings, meetings, ceremonies as well as daily life. The metaphors available in a fire are endless and the teachings it can offer you are life changing. This fire is more than a visual symbol of our commitment to the healing of the planet and its people. It is a microcosm of the greater system which we are all part of.

Tending the fire offers life lessons in the way of nature, responsibility, leadership, sustainability, synergy, vision, facilitation, and peacemaking, to name a few. It is a constant reminder of our situation and that the age of complacency and procrastination are over. We can no longer live the illusion of being separate from the earth.

The Fire is a beacon of light and a reminder of hope in a time surrounded by the darkness of ignorance and destruction. It is the symbol of our passion and commitment to burn through our fear and distraction with awareness.

This fire is an act of taking a stand for the earth and each other, to stay awake, and to pray and listen without stopping, while encouraging others to transform their grief and fear for the global situation into hope and action. This fire represents our ability to act spiritually when we don't know where to start fixing the problems we face physically.

It stands for our belief that change must take place within us in order to effect the world outside of us. It is anything but giving up and trying to escape, it is taking a stand and saying this far no further.

Stop by for a visit and place a stick on the fire and a prayer in our hearts. You will be connected with the fire and it will ignite something inside of you. As you go through your day, if you find yourself thinking of it, allow it to remind you to do something today to make tomorrow better.