Tribal Edge Fall Tour 2017

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Sept 18-Oct 18

Tribal Edge Fall Tour 2017

We are hitting the road and coming your way!

Ben Sanford founder of Tribal Edge and Primal Solutions and his beautiful partner Victoria Jazwic founder of Sacred Soul Vision (A.K.A. Tarzan & Jane) are celebrating our journey together and traveling the western states on an adventure of exploration, education, and community. We would love to see our friends along the way. If you are interested in hosting a training or just know of a place to stay, please contact us. Gratitude!


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We will be on the road doing a circuit around the western states stopping at national parks and following the flow. We will be heading east to Montana, then south to Arizona and returning back north through California. If you are located anywhere along the way and if you have time to connect please contact us. If you are interested in training, contact us as soon as you can so we can plan it into our flow.


What we are offering

Coaching/Healing- Personal training

  • Holistic life coaching/ Personal Traning- individual, couples

  • Hypnotherapy/Guided imagery/Dream-work/ soul tracking

Classes- Group training

Half day workshops or full day classes, or weekend seminars in any area of our Core Curriculum or other areas.

Specialty classes

  • Nature connection, Tree climbing, Barefoot life, Martial arts

  • Primal Movement, Health & wellness, Living with Lyme

  • Team building, Mentoring, Rites of passage, Vision quest

  • Caretaking, preparedness, protecting your life and your space

Custom Courses

Consulting- Trainers training

  • Know Thyself- vision, path, purpose and passion, rites of passage
  • Team Dynamics- mission,
  • Creating Community- Natures blueprint, communication, conflict resolution/ peacemaking
  • Mentoring Leadership- traditional teaching, mentoring, and invisible facilitation

Tribal Edge Arborvitae Training Guild

Become a Tribal Edge training group

  • Seed- prepare the soil

  • Sprout- BE: basic principles

  • Sapling- DO: skill development

  • Tree- Have: sustainability

  • Forest- Share: trans-mission

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