Make your practice a way of life.

The Practice program offers quality training opportunities at the frequency and intensity you desire. Simply select the courses and coaching options you want to experience and go for it. You can test it out and tweak things as you go until you arrive at a useful and meaningful life practice that fits you best. As you grow on your training path, you can vary the challenges and commitment to match your lifestyle, skill level, and location.


What goes into a practice?

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The word "Practice" suggests more than just effort and repetition which is often settled for in our workouts, exercise classes, or even skill development. A practice is meant to reflect a holistic approach to training body, mind, and spirit as a way of life, not just something you do to get it over with. Practice allows a mindful exploration and participation in your personal transformation- whether it be the last pull up of a workout, a quiet sit by tree, or the careful building of a fire.  Practice brings meaning and connection to learning by lifting the mystery out of the mundane, and allowing what was once frustrating to become fascinating.

From health and fitness, nature awareness and primitive living skills, to warriorship, healing, and the skills of communication and combat, the Practice programs draw from our holistic curriculum of life skills classes, private coaching, and other resources to give you an integrated approach to training. Take a look at some of the resources and package options below and create your ultimate lifestyle practice.

What we offer

Browse the following sources to design your lifestyle practice:


Core Classes

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Core Routine Practices

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Other Resources

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Create your Practice

Select one of the packages below to give your practice the structure and freedom you desire


The Basic Practice

  • 4 Core Classes (1 per season)

  • 1 Land class per week

  • 1 Gym class per week

  • 1 Coaching session per season

  • Core routine practice

  • Community, newsletter, articles and other resources

  • Cost: 175 per month (valued at over 300 per month)

The Advanced Practice

  • 8 Core classes (2 per season)

  • 2 land classes

  • 2 gym classes

  • The Training- core class downloads

  • 1 Coaching session per season, one 30 min follow up & emails.

  • Advanced Core routine practice

  • Community, newsletter, articles, and other resources

  • Cost: 275 per month (valued at over 600 per month)

The Total Practice

  • 12 Core Classes (1 per month)

  • 3 Land classes per week

  • 2 Gym classes per week

  • The Training- core class downloads

  • 1 Coaching sessions per month & emails

  • Total Core routine practice

  • Community, newsletter, articles, and other resources

  • Cost: 375 per month (valued at over 900 per month)