Our programs help you make your training a way of life.

Take your practice to the next level with the structure and support that makes profound growth possible. Whatever your path in life, our programs help guide your efforts and give you the community and resources to become a student of life and live your vision with power. We offer a variety of programs to honor different life stages, schedule demands, and desired intensity. From a light occasional practice to intense transformative journeys, there is something for everyone.

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Participants Journey meet weekly for training in multiple areas of the Tribal Edge model. With the structure and support you need to grow, you and your training community will develop a broad base of skills which will help you to become an artist in your own life path.

Through experiencing the Tribal Edge training template, the Journey will also prepare you for further training as an Apprentice instructor and is required for those interested in becoming a Tribal Edge Assistant Instructor, Full Instructor, or Affiliate.



  • All Tribal Edge Courses
  • Personal Coaching
  • Assignments & projects
  • Like minded community and support to guide you
  • Preparation for instructor training
  • And much more

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Minimal Membership includes

  • Core Curriculum
  • "The Training" class

Standard Membership includes

  • Minimal plus...
  • 1 Primal Lab
  • 1 Private Training (per season)



The Practice

Make your life a work of art...



  • Core Curriculum
  • Primal Labs

The Practice programs offer quality training opportunities at the frequency and intensity you desire. Simply select the courses and coaching options you want to experience and go for it. You can test it out and tweak things as you go until you arrive at a useful and meaningful life practice that fits you best. As you grow on your training path, you can vary the challenges and commitment to match your lifestyle, skill level, and location.


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Special Programs


Vision Quest


The vision quest experience is an ancient rite of passage which has been used by indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is still used today simply because it works. The quest consists of a 4 day and 4 night solo experience in the purity of nature with no distractions as you fast from all things familiar. Within your quest circle, you come face to face with yourself and get to know more deeply your true inner nature while seeing more clearly your unique purpose in life.



Tribal Edge Youth Initiation is a “coming of age” or rites of passage program for young people who are ready to experience a personal challenge and an initiation into healthy, empowered adolescence. It is an opportunity for our youth to experience something that has worked for thousands of years. The initiation process is not only a natural step toward adulthood, but into hu-manhood and thus plays a crucial role in helping to ensure the survival of individuals and their community as a whole.