The Journey

Justins journey 1.jpg
Justins journey 1.jpg

The Journey


A transformational year long training adventure. Learn more

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Program Description:

Practitioners on this Journey meet weekly for training in multiple areas of the Tribal Edge courses. With the structure and support needed for growth, you and your training community will develop a broad base of skills which will help you to transform your own life path. Through experiencing the Tribal Edge training template, the Journey will also prepare you for further training as an Apprentice instructor and is required for those interested in becoming a Tribal Edge Assistant Instructor, Full Instructor, or Affiliate.


  • "The Journey" on Monday from 5:45-8:00

  • “The Training" on Monday from 4:00-5:30

  • Assignments, projects, homework

  • Private Training- 1 session per month

  • Core Curriculum- Take or retake

  • All Primal Lab classes

  • Vision Quest

  • Bonuses

  • Discounts on all other courses

  • Discounted Private Coaching

  • Special Journey group events

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