Do you have a desire to make a difference in the world? Would you like to find a more balanced way of life? Are you searching for deeper meaning? Are you living your vision? If these questions sound familiar, and you are searching for more connection within yourself, other people, and the earth, then the Primal Journey Intensive Series may be for you. 

Transformation is powerful and rewarding journey. However without guidance, it can be a challenging, confusing and lonely. The Primal Journey offers weekend and week-long immersions that are designed to support your growth in a sustainable way by offering you proven tools and practices which lead you to discover your path and find your way in life with greater power, purpose, and choice within a supportive community. Check out this amazing adventure!

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Part 1: "Shadows on the wall"

This weekend intensive is an introduction to awareness, nature connection and self discovery through the ancient arts of nature observation and tracking. In this program you are presented with the basic tools of tracking and awareness as a way of understanding the book of nature. Together we look at the nature of perception, critical thinking skills, interpretation, meaning, communication, and much more as we explore the great mysteries of creation directly with our own senses and understanding.

By extension, we then explore our inner nature by applying the art of tracking to ourselves, and discover a way to know and understand ourselves in a greater way. Finally, by observing natures blueprint, it is an natural next step to find meaning and guidance in our own life as we discover the power of choosing our own path. Even more information...

  • Location: Tribal Edge Land & other sites, Washington

  • Dates: June 21-23, 2019

  • Cost: 450 (deposit of 100 required to hold your spot.)

    • 150 per month (12 months)

    • 1,600 one payment for all 4 weekends

    • 425 per weekend with commitment of all 4 weekends

    • Camping and food included; discount price

  • Facilitated by: Ben Sanford, and Tribal Edge staff

  • *Bonus Thursday evening early bird gathering and camp out included.

About the Primal Journey

We are all suffering from the effects of an epidemic "separation sickness" that is spreading worldwide which leaves us desperately in need of the healing, connective tools and practices which can recover our well being, relationships, and our planet. Primal Journey is designed to help you strip away the inessentials, right down to the primal core of life, and awaken from the cultural trance we have been taught to accept.

Through direct contact with the primal arts of holistic living, the Primal Journey experience is a powerful education and catalyst for personal transformation. This training is a holistic approach to learning, meaning each course in the series stands on its own yet is part of a greater whole. These transformational weekend and week-long immersions are highly experiential and honor your individual needs in a way that leaves you in control of your journey, with nature as your teacher, and our facilitators as your guides. 


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The Primal Journey Series...

Part 1: The shadows on the wall- an immersion in the primal arts of tracking & nature observation, self mastery, and discovering your path and vision.

Part 2: The fire and the facade- an immersion in the primal arts of survival/ thrival skills, the tools of transformation, and team/group dynamics.

Part 3: Light at the end of the tunnel- an immersion in the primal arts of healing self/others/earth, the experience of transformation, and creating community.

Part 4: A brave new world- an immersion in the tools and values of the peaceful warrior, living in the zone, leadership and mentoring.

Ben Sanford and Victoria Jazwic- Primal Journey Guides

Ben Sanford and Victoria Jazwic- Primal Journey Guides

Tribal Edge Primal Arts Training Center

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