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Welcome to Tribal Edge Online Training!

After years of working with amazing groups of people at our facility, I am very excited to be launching this adventure.  As much as I love working with people in person in our classes and programs, it has become obvious that to have a greater impact in the world, and to keep up with the times, I must also find a way to bring our training to you.

My intention with our online training is that I can share valuable training, within a supportive community, at a reasonable price. I also hope that I can assist you in your growth in the primal arts, and as a human being without being limited by time and space.

Thank you for your participation and let’s get going!

Ben Sanford

Where to start…

Tribal Edge is now offering Anima Sporta Primal Fitness online. Here are some of the current and upcoming courses we are excited about:


If you are new to the online offerings at Tribal Edge please take a moment to orient yourself. You may wish to visit our Tribal Edge Online Training group on Facebook to find out more about our courses and hear what people are saying.



"the basket of the soul"


We will soon be offering our Humanimal course online as a group training which offers the structure and support for you to awaken your human animal (Learn more...) This training is the foundation of the Anima Sporta Primal Fitness modality, and involves a yearlong curriculum which guides you through the seasons and helps you make contact with yourself and your world in a powerful way. If you are interested in joining, follow the subscribe button where you can fill out an application & waiver, and make your payment to start training today

When accepted, you will be added to the general Humanimal community group, as well as a private group where and can follow the posted instructions to begin your training. You will also receive a confirmation email with a copy of the instructions as well.


What you will receive

The Humanimal online training includes a weekly training session which is posted every Monday. You will find that the post sequence for the sessions is as follows:

  • Session number and name (ex: Session 1- What is a Humanimal?)

  • A short instructional video with Ben Sanford or another instructor.

  • A written description of the session and exercises.

  • Any supporting files, photos, or other resources.

  • A Debrief session and conclusion.

The Full Auto training also includes a bonus monthly Live video (Facebook Live) and Q & A with your instructor. You will also be able to ask questions any time.


  • Basic Humanimal

    • Auto: $19/month

    • Full-Auto: $24/month- includes a monthly live video

  • Epic Humanimal (with Coaching):

    • Hybrid Package $90/month- Full Auto plus an online coaching session via FaceTime or phone

    • Personal Package $125/month- Full Auto plus a personal coaching in the flesh, and email support.

Automatic payments are required to play. After first month you will be asked to agree to eleven monthly payments. After one year your will be invited to continue training with an indefinite plan.  Watch for our special offers and discounts...


How to play…

Tribal Edge uses Facebook groups as a platform for training. When you register for a training and are added to a group, you will want to introduce and familiarize yourself. Although the curriculum is a cycle and you can start anywhere in the training, it is also a progression and it is recommended that you start with Session 1, and work your way through the program.

Group size is limited to make conversations functional however you will be added to a course community group for a broader experience. Participants will be joining at various times and everyone is having their own unique experience. If you want to have more shared experiences, you may get some friends to join with you, or reach out to current members and invite them to review a session with you.

You can easily start by going to the beginning of the feed in your group, or searching for "Session-1". Read the instructions, listen/watch any audio/video, and read any documents. Then do the exercises and finally offer your debrief to the group. If you have any questions you can begin a group chat or make a relevant post any time.  When you are ready, go on to the next session. Remember, if you are lost or don’t wish to scroll through everything, remember you can use the search function to locate whatever you are looking for.

Rules of the game:

1. Start somewhere. You may jump in wherever you wish, however starting at the beginning with be the most beneficial. Ultimately, the most important training is the training you will do.

2. Take small steps. Be patient with your training and allow the process to unfold. Avoid skipping steps and spoilers by jumping to the end of lessons.

3. Do the activities. This is an experiential training and you cannot get the results without following through with the exercises. Review all of the materials for each lesson and then take action. You are responsible for your results.

4. Offer feedback & review the feedback of others. When you are participating in an activity, offer your experience, results, questions, feedback etc. in the debrief section for that exercise. You are helping everyone gain more with your perspective.

5. Have fun!

Each training group also has access to the general Humanimal group for more community collaboration. You may wish to schedule training times with your group members that can train together in the real world which will add tons of value to your experience.

*Please do not download or share the content of your training. You will have access to this training as long as you are respectful and continue making payment.