Journey Prime

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Journey Prime

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This is an affordable and low commitment version of the Journey program which offers the essentials plus lots of bonuses. This program meets once per month with activities from Saturday-Monday on the first weekend of every month. Although this is a year long program, you may sign up at any time. This is a good preparation step for the standard Journey and Hero’s Journey programs.


  • 1 Core Class per month

  • 1 Primal Lab per month

  • 1 Journey class per month

  • 1 Private Training per season*

  • Online support throughout the month

Cost: 150 per month


Journey Prime is available for program Graduates for 75 per month (50% off!)

*Include online personal and group support, with exercises in between sessions and other discounts and bonuses (for example, you get 4 coaching sessions with a 12 month commitment.)