Anima Sporta Humanimal classes offer introductory training within the fundamental level of the human experience leading to optimal human fitness and performance. By practicing the skills of Awareness, Conditioning, and Movement we expand your everyday experience, let go of limiting patterns, and embrace a natural healthy way of moving through life.

These training sessions involve a re-education of your system which allows you to find your original functional body/mind patterns and are ideal for injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, as well as daily maintenance and performance enhancement. This skill-based ‘Fun’-ctional performance training will allow you to get fit in body, mind, and spirit without trying and make you better at everything you do while having fun doing it.

  The Humanimal classes are designed to be taken together or as a series for maximum benefit as one leads into the next naturally. The fusion of awareness, conditioning, and movement creates an entirely new fitness experience that resists definition but is powerfully life changing. Start where you are most inspired, and you will find where they naturally overlap for you.

 These group classes offer something new for every skill level, from the total beginner, to the nature & movement expert. There is always something new to learn that will sharpen your edge, and push you to new levels of experience & performance. You can do them once, take them again and again as a refresher, or make them part of your personal practice.

 You will be given many tools and techniques for approaching your total fitness and will be able to take it with you and practice in everyday activities. You will also learn how to adapt the system to your own needs and style while remaining safe, effective, and having fun.


Humanimal classes have three levels of participation:

  • Intro to core natural movements, concepts, and skills.
  • The method of training & practice, intermediate levels of skill.
  • Mastery of the basics, virtuosity, flow, combinations, & application.

We know everyone has different edges. The Humanimal training environment is non-competitive, yet inspires you to grow and learn more. All three levels of training take place at once depending on the focus of the day, and where you and the group are at in your training development.



"The capacity to experience." This simple yet profound idea is at the core of all Anima Sporta training where we explore ways to increase our capacity to experience. This training takes place in nature where we focus on the arts of opening our senses to the max, reading the landscape and its activity like a book, and moving within nature with so little impact- we learn to become "invisible". Throughout this process, we begin to find our true self, connect with others in a dynamic way, and walk more gently as we recognize the earth as our greatest gift. 

  • Observe

Become present, alive, and in touch with your body and the world around you. Awaken your sensory system; find your center and your place. In this course we gradually remove the layers of insulation that have developed between ourselves and the earth. Explore the world in timeless wonder and awe, without judgment and expectation. 

  • Story

The world around us is often different than the one we think we are in. Come face to face with your interpretation of reality, what you notice and what you miss, with nature as your guide. Discover the tracks we make, and how they fit within the story around us by becoming naturally attuned to the landscapes that are always teaching us.

  • Witness

In this training we extend our awareness toward new boundaries as we find our place and connection within the world around us and learn to perceive at a whole new level. Awaken the instinctive awareness which leads to our safety, provision, healing, growth as well as the lessons we need to live a balanced abundant life.



 Anima Sporta Conditioning is the process of accepting what is and transforming our relationship to it. When we face our fears and let go of our expectations, a space is created that can move you from feeling half dead to totally alive in moments. We can become like a child again with an open mind and body and a fresh new perspective. In these courses, we gradually dissolve the layers of insulation that have developed between ourselves and the earth causing the epidemic separation sickness that permeates our culture. 

 Explore the world in timeless wonder and awe, without judgment and expectation. Encounter your resistance and source of pain to discover what it has to teach you. This builds a deep resilience which shows up as toughness or conditioning without damage. Move into a new realm of capacity and experience which will change the way you live your life.

  • Connect- Gradually remove the layers of insulation that have developed between yourselves and the earth. Explore the world in wonder and awe, without judgment and expectation.
    • Focus: attitude, awareness, safety, needs vs. wants, fatigue, discomfort, curiosity, vitality
  • Edges- Lean into your Edges, and discover that your resistance is your source of pain, and allow it to teach you.
    • Focus: Facing the Five Fears- dark, cold, wet, dirty, & bugs (and a few others).
  • Home- Home is where you find yourself as you move into a new realm of capacity and experience which will change the way you see the world and live your life. 
    • Focus: acceptance, immersion, intensity, pain vs. damage, surrender, freedom


 Anima Sporta movement is a method of training for life. We focus on the fundamentals of movement through functional, skill based challenges that are real and useful to you and your tribe in everyday life. The workouts just happen while you are having fun. We do not focus on getting pumped and looking good, as much as performance and feeling good. 

At traditional gyms, you are often paying for a place to move your body without much skill or learning emphasized. Anima Sporta offers you training and skills that are designed to make you better at whatever you want to be great at. The training sessions take place in nature where we can apply our movement to a variety of real life challenges.  

 While having fun and learning something new, you also get a workout, a new level of fitness, and feel more capable and confident in your ability to take on life's challenges.

  • Fun-damentals- Introductory core stability and mobility; Basic movement patterns- breathing, lying, sitting, standing, crawl, walk, transitions, etc.
  • Basic to intermediate movements- gymnastics, lifting, climbing, running, jumping, landing, falling, transitions etc. ,practice and training method
  • On-going mastery of the basics, advanced movements, virtuosity, flow, combos, application in sport, play, & life

By observing the basic movement patterns that you use, and need to use your whole life, we have created a nearly unlimited resource of exercises based upon real life needs. We simply take normal activities like getting up or getting down to the ground for example, break the movements down into drills that can be performed as a workout, and then reintegrate them into a smooth, powerful performance that makes it look and feel effortless. This process changes the way you move through life. 


As you get better at performing, we increase the challenge by changing the conditions or by adding variations or combinations of the exercises. Workouts take on a whole new meaning that directly relates to your life, and that you can practice anytime- anywhere. Workouts are different enough that you do not get bored or plateau, but similar enough that you gain skill and see results in your performance.