I am excited to announce the opening of our Human Hero Lab!

After a period of deep searching and much support from my friends and teachers, I have recently had an epiphany about my personal specialty/contribution and mission at Tribal Edge.

It is simply this- I TRAIN HEROES. Not superheroes, but ordinary humans living extraordinary lives. People who are ready, willing and able to take effective action in challenging situations. This is what I have done since the beginning and it now has a name.

The Hero Lab offers training in awareness, attitude, movement, martial art, tactics, ethics and other life supporting skills. Training is primarily for adults (youth programs on the way) and offers weekly practice and monthly seminars for locals, as well as day long, weekend and week-long courses and even online support for any one on the heroic path.

Check out our website www.humanheroes.life/home (a work in progress) and you can join our membership/coaching site and Facebook page and group. Better yet, come and train with us at the lab!

I look forward to training with you- keep going!

Ben Sanford