Our Mission

"We provide physical and moral training to activate useful, ethical humans who are ready, willing, and able to survive challenges with optimal, universal tactics, as protectors of Life."


Grandfather Stalking Wolf's camp at the Tracker School- Pine Barrens, NJ

Grandfather Stalking Wolf's camp at the Tracker School- Pine Barrens, NJ

Since 2003, Tribal Edge has been offering unique and powerful training in the way of the warrior, scout and protector. This training emphasizes the role of the protector as a guardian of life- all life, even that of the enemy if possible. In all of our training, ethics drive the tactics, which inform the techniques and physical skills used in any conflict or combat situation. 

Tribune is Latin for "Champion or Protector of the peoples rights" and represents the natural and vital role of protector that has endured the test of time worldwide. Tribal Edge Tribune has modeled various systems of combat and protection, from modern professionals to ancient indigenous, including the Filipino and Indonesian warriors of Southeast Asia, the Ninja of Japan and the Apache Scouts of the American Southwest. 

What we do

Tribune training covers a vast array of holistic, life supporting skill-sets specializing in surviving challenges with optimal, universal tactics.  We use a principle based training methodology in partner and team focused training scenarios to study movement, psychology, stress, safety, and the tactics and tools of protection that produce the skills and mindset of useful, resilient, and ethical people. A few of the main elements we focus on include skills of fitness, conditioning, martial arts, stealth, teamwork, awareness, communication, peacemaking, ethics, and protecting life to name a few. 

Tribune provides challenging, reality based experiences within a respectful training environment. Students and instructors practice physical and moral training while learning and growing together as a team along the path of the Protector. Tribune offers high quality training for civilian and professional protectors and takes place primarily outdoors at Tribal Edge primal arts training center year round- rain, snow or shine.

What we offer


  • Tribune Training

    • Ongoing weekly training classes for those dedicated to the Protector way of life.
  • Tribune Education

    • Weeklong and weekend intensive courses offering instruction in the way of the Protector.
  • Tribune Services

    • Volunteer and contracted community services in security and emergency response.
  • Tribunal Vanguard

    • The Tribe or community network of members, staff, instructors, council, and other resources.