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Preparedness Event

Special Halloween “End of the world” event.

Expect the unexpected! Are you and your family ready for anything? Get prepared for storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, disease, man-made emergencies, and other disasters with emergency survival kits and preparedness system for families and communities. In this experiential class you will learn skills and strategies to overcome the worst possible situations. Spend your Halloween weekend with us learning valuable skills and facing real fears.

Things are changing quickly in the world around us and it may someday be in our own hands to care for and protect the ones we love. If you are you stressed or concerned when you hear about events beyond your control and have questions about your ability to survive and keep your family safe then this may be for you. This Special preparedness event is designed to provide an immersion experience for your family in the basic skills of preparing yourself to handle the worst case scenarios. From daily life to the “end of the world events”, we need to maintain our resilience and face our fears of danger with awareness.

Some things we will cover:

Basic awareness, gear, mindset, safety & protection, stress management, hazard assessment, evacuation, escape & evasion, group movement, route planning, communication, team work, and transitioning to long term self reliance, and more.

(Warning: this event is rated “R” for realistic and disturbing content and scenarios, parental discretion is advised. Contact us for more information.)


When: October 25, 5:30 pm – Sunday October 27, 11:00am
Where: Tribal Edge Primal Arts Training Center
Who: Families who want to push their limits together in a safe but stressful environment
Cost: Sliding scale 225-175 per family (as many relatives as you want) food not included.

More info on why we offer this event...

Question from a friend:
"Ben I'm trying to understand why someone would bother to prepare for the "end of the world". With all due respect it seems contradictory to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Could you elaborate on the concept?"

"Thanks for asking. Yes, preparing for the end of the world would not make sense literally (other than maybe spaceships to mars?!), which is why it is in quotes. I just use that phrase as a sensational, umbrella term to connect to the various memes that folks have about unknown catastrophic/apocalyptic events that have always been around. It is meant to stir up the fear of worse case scenarios that people may have but tend to avoid yet may want to explore with awareness in a challenging but safe environment.

Like much of our training, whether martial arts, survival, or even fitness, we go to the edge of what we know and explore possibilities that leave us better equipped and feeling more prepared for any similar outcome life throws at us. To me this is a type of fear shedding or stress inoculation that leaves people feeling empowered and promotes peace by facing underlying fears, and in a practical sense provides awareness of oneself and family/group under stress that builds strong connection, stimulate important questions, and activates a healthy value of life.

One more note is that I do make a distinction between "world" -meaning the human made tools, systems, and infrastructure that support our society, and the "earth" which is the planet or wild source of everything we have ever known. From that perspective, the world could end while the earth continues- it would just be uncomfortable or uninhabitable for humans for a while. It is probably not the best phrase. I am open to suggestions that are congruent with this type of training. Thanks!"

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